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Hello, and welcome to Nerf Gun Reviews! N.G.R. is your #1 resource for reviews on ALL the hottest dart guns.

We do reviews that are fun, in-depth, and right from the perspective of a 13-year-old who likes to pepper people with foam!

My name is Joshua Frenn and I’ll be the one reviewing all of our guns in the future. I’m 13, and I love having dart gun wars with my friends (especially the part where I get to unload a whole Nerf clip on them.)

I also like to make movies, so I can guarantee you that our video reviews will be top-quality.

Whenever I read (or watch) dart gun reviews, I always like to see two things:

1) The pros and cons of the shown gun,

2) and which types of operations the gun is good for.

These are things that our reviews will cover, completely.

I never like it when someone gets their hands on a hot new dart gun,
then blows it by making the video terrible and not including the stuff people want to see!

You won’t see this anywhere on our site. We’ll cover everything good about the gun, and everything bad about the gun,

So please note: We will not lie! Our reviews will be absolutely honest.

If the gun’s bad, then we say it’s bad. If it’s good, we say it’s good!

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140 thoughts on “Welcome To Nerf Gun Reviews: Your #1 resource for Dart Gun Reviews”

  1. carlo

    sorry clip system blasters eg. recon longstrike and raider can only use streamline darts

    not suction darts velcro darts or whistler darts

  2. uhhmm why there are two in n strike longstrike in the nerf gun store even in nerf.com there are two n strike longstrike??? what are theyre difference??? :)))

  3. longstrike has a good range longshot has a great range

    they both hold the same ammo
    longshot has a good scope
    and longstrike has a bad scope

  4. what if i put a tactical scope on a longstrike does it be bad scope or not?? and does the price the same in the nerf gun stores in in the toystores?

  5. yeah pretty much just look around in stores for the best price i recomend getting nerfs from shops in stead off online

    my ealier comment about the scopes forget that in my point of view the only good sight is the pinpoint sight

    just look on youtube for reviews on the nerf blasters

    and remember that all nerf blasters are better without their nose cone attachments

  6. Get the longstrike it’s better and yes the longshot works the same as the longstrike . I’m happy I submitted this comment with my iPod touch 4G

  7. Hey Carlo,

    Nope, the Longshot is a Clip System gun like the Longstrike, so they load the basically same way.


  8. to frenn

    from the the uplaod i just read it seems like nerf is running out of ideas for new guns. if you looks over pictures of allof the “new guns” coming out theyre just the same guns different patterns. also every year nerf is coming out with lesser and lesser guns and honestly nerf cant keep coming out with more new guns because soon theyll run out of ideas

  9. Hey carlo,

    The Element EX-6 does not need batteries of any kind, it’s like a Nite Finder without the light. Also, the Nite Finder does not require batteries either, although the light uses them.


  10. Hey Jack,

    You’re right, it does seem like they’re re-releasing older guns with new patterns. However, I’m fairly confident that Nerf has a few aces up their sleeve for 2011.


  11. Hey carlo,

    No, not really, except that the Element scope looks cooler and has a Tactical Rail on top.


  12. Definitely the Barrel Break. The Element is sort of like a Nite Finder with five extra darts below the barrel instead of a light. It’s still a good gun, but not as good as the Barrel Break.


  13. They’re pretty close in terms of range, but the Alpha Trooper is slightly more accurate, given that it uses only on barrel as opposed to two.


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