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  1. Hey guys, first of all i love your reviews, you guys do a good job with the guns i already own therefore i would say pretty trustworthy with the ones i dont own.

    I was wondering if you guys can make some videos on tactics and strategies. Give some ideas on common scenarios.

  2. Hey sam,

    I’m not sure about the Barricade, but the Tactical Vest holster unfortunately cannot hold the Barrel Break.


  3. To confirm what Frenn said, the Baracade will not fit in the maverick’s holster, i just tryed lol. how ever, if you get a C-clip (i think thats what they are called) you can clip it on to the bottom of the gun and then clip it to one of the vest’s straps.

  4. Any of the sidearms, like the Scout IX-3 or the Nite Finder EX-3 should fit into the Tactical Vest holster.


  5. hi first of all I know my name sounds kinda weird but its a latin name lol.
    Anyway nice review on the stampede dude do you think yo could do any reviews on nerf super soakers?

  6. Hey Emilio,

    Yeah, we’ve been thinking about doing Super Soaker reviews…But we’re going to have to wait until summer!
    EDIT: I just picked one up, so expect the review in the next couple of days!


  7. Hey scorch,

    Yeah, the Tactical Vest is pretty cool, and the clear clips it comes with are awesome as well.


  8. hay NGR i wanted to say i love the reviews its the only website I can find that will show u what the guns u buy can do. thats helpfull im going to get the longshot ONLY because i like being able to hold 2 clips on the back i like that because i can go throught 50 darts in under 20 seconds

    i spend alot of time geting faster at reloading and changing barrels and add ons

    try it some time it will help you become a better NERFMASTER!!! ttyl :)

  9. Does the Tactical Vest get in the way or clatter a lot when you’re in a nerf war?

  10. Hey A Random N.G.R. Fan,

    First of all- love the name! As for your question, it depends a lot on what you have on the Tac. Vest. If you have a ton of 6 or 18-shot clips on you, it will clatter around quite a lot. However, if you’re geared up with just darts and maybe a pistol in the holster you should be just as silent with the vest as without.


  11. Thanks! Oh, and you said that the Barrel Break can’t fit in the Tactical Vest holster, but the Nerf Wiki says it can. which is it?

  12. Thanks! I’m thinking about getting the tac. vest and the Barrel Break, so I was wondering if the blaster could fit in the vest. And I noticed you use a Macintosh Computer, I’m a mac user to.

  13. how bout the spectre without stock does it fit with tactical vest? ……….and can you put n force weapon like sword in bandoiler kit?

  14. I’m not sure about the Bandolier Kit, but a Spectre with no attachments does fit into the Tac. Vest holster. However, the gun’s pretty long so I wouldn’t suggest it.


  15. Actually, MadParadox just loosened the holster enough so that it does fit, and quite well too!


  16. Say thanks to “Madparadox” for check into it. You were talking about the Barrel Break, weren’t you?

  17. Dude, loved tactical vest one.

    Can you do a review on the Bandolier? Cause I want to choose which one. Tactical Vest, or Bandolier? Tac Vest looks cooler, but the Bandoliers holds more clips, more darts, and has room on the back for a Blaster.

    Also, can you do any strategies/tactics vids? Show us which weapon combinations and which attachments to use. And equipment and stuff.

  18. Are there any rules to a nerf war and how can my family have one.
    I have a little brother and sister; my brother has a recon CS-6, and shows no mercy.
    My little sister has no gun. I have a Barricade RV-10, Vulcan EBF-25, and a Recon CS-6. do you have any ideas on any game that we can play.

  19. Hey Steaphan,

    You can really do Nerf Wars whichever way you want, but just good ol’ free-for-all always works. Shots in chest or head take them out, anywhere else, they’re fine. Last one standing wins!


  20. Hey LegionOfShadows,

    Right now we don’t have a Bandolier, so we can’t do a review yet, but we’ve thought about doing strategies/tactics videos before. Who knows, we may do them soon!


  21. I didn’t think a free for all would work, cause whoever had the vulcan would basically win but i’ll try that.

  22. Hey guys Iwas wondering if you could tell me how much is the alpha tropper, firefly and tactical vest.

    Thanks if u can

  23. Hey Thomas,

    The Firefly is about $20.00, the Tactical Vest is $25.00 and the Alpha Trooper, due to it being very rare, is usually about $40 to $50 online.


  24. Hi NGR Team.

    I love the reviews, but could you do more equipment reviews, like the bandolier kit?
    Maybe do some on the tactical vest kit and bandolier kit from the N Strike Elite line.
    A review on the N Strike Elite Hail Fire is Highly anticipated guys.


  25. hey! NGR,,,

    My name is devesh and i am really interested in the Nerf guns.i just needed a gun which does not cost more than $30.plzz ans soon…

  26. Hey Chris,
    Just getting caught up on literally hundreds of comments here and on the YouTube channel!
    Could you send us a private message to da6productions-at-gmail-dot-com?

    Thanks and good luck!


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