6 thoughts on “Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS Review”

  1. dude when the stampede finaly comes to my hous im gonna have a gigantic nerf war i mean like all out war with my friends are you going to

  2. I am a Nerf team commander, and I wish to say that I love your reviews. y’all look like an impressive team. I have been playing Nerf for 6 years and I think that it is awesome.
    My favorite gun is the Longshot CS-6. Tonight me and my team members are having a close quarters battle, and to night I shall be getting the Deploy CS-6.

    I love your videos and you are doing a great job.
    Commander Blade Veteran-

  3. Well, unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I all depends on what you like to play like and how or if you mod it!

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