7 thoughts on “Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5 Review”

  1. thanks for the review i like the nerf spectre we dont have walmart anywhere in australia

    speak up next time please i had trouble hearing you

  2. Yeah, we’ve had a couple people say that the audio is too low. Just put the volume up higher and it should make it better.


  3. Hey,

    The Spectre rev-5, would it be something worth buying? Cause I’m tight on money and I’m also pretty sure that this may the last Nerf gun that isn’t battery operated, so I’m either getting the Spectre or the Barrel Break.

  4. Well, I’d be pretty surprised if the Spectre was the last non-battery operated Nerf gun to come out, but as to your question, the Spectre would be a great choice. It’s $20.00, so it’s not that expensive, fires great, and comes with some awesome attachments.


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