Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review

18 thoughts on “Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review”

  1. dude the alpha trooper is really close to the raider why did nerf make the gun if they knew it was really close to the raider

  2. The Raider and Alpha Trooper are similar, yes, but it terms of how they feel in battle, they are surprisingly different.


  3. The Alpha trooper is very cool. My Nerf comrade has this gun and it is sweet. I intend to get it also. I love your review on this gun. My team also loves this gun.

    Commander Blade-
    Blazingguns team-

  4. Quick question:
    I’m a nerf newb and would like to know if you can use normal 6-shot or whatever clips with this, or does it have to be a drum mag?

  5. Hi lindsay,

    Any of the guns with the “CS-” Suffix can use any of the Nerf clips. The Alpha Trooper can use Drum Mags, 6-shot clips, or any other Clip-System Clips!


  6. awesome! thanks, those will be alot easier to stuff in my back pocket, 18 shots go fast when you’re attacking your entire dorm…

  7. the volume is not working at all. how can i fix this, your reviews are so great and im thinking of getting the alpha trooper.

  8. Hi sdgesdfgd,

    Try un-muting the computer’s Volume Control. If that doesn’t work, try putting the YouTube volume up. Test those out, hope it helps!


  9. hey the raider and alpha trooper are very similar but the alpha trooper has enormous range compared to the raider

  10. where can i buy plain 6 dart clips? cause i hate the big drums. And can the flip clip come apart, cause its too big for my taste.

  11. Hi richard,

    If you’re looking for regular 6-shot clips, the Flip-Clip mission kit is your best bet. Also, yes, the clips attached to the Flip-Clip can be detached if you want.


  12. i got this it is really great

    i dont like the raider the drum makes it lopsided and its primeing handle is really rough and not smooth at all

  13. Hey Ash,

    Even though the Stampede’s full-auto is great, the Alpha Trooper is probably the way to go. It can be fired really fast and is a lot less expensive than the Stampede.


  14. loving the review, gonna buy one this weekend. also, should i buy the bandolier or the flip clip thing, cos im wanting more clips for this

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