Nerf 9/9/10 Blaster Revealed…the Stampede ECS!

Hey Everyone,

We have just received a MAJOR update on the 9/9/10 Nerf blaster! We have a picture, and official specs on this incredible new blaster! So, without further ado, the NERF Stampede ECS!

The Stampede ECS will, first of all, will be the first fully automatic Clip-System NERF gun. It will come with three (yes, three!) 18-shot extended Clip-System clips, and one regular 6-shot clip. To satisfy this incredible demand for darts, the Stampede will be packaged with 60 Clip-System darts. As for attachments, the ECS will come with a Tactical Rail Bi-pod that can be compacted into a front handle, and a removable shield that can go onto the front of the gun. However, this gun will require 6 “D” batteries to fire, and is estimated to carry a $50 price tag. is it worth it? I think so. The NERF Stampede ECS will be available on September 9th, 2010. (Hence, the 9/9/10 gun!)

Don’t believe your eyes (or ears)? Then read this official NERF announcement, straight from NERF’s Facebook page.

“The first fully automatic NERF Clip System blaster to date, the N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS blaster features a new pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle, and a removable shield allowing players to transition to Attack Mode. The NERF N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS blaster also comes complete with one six dart Clip and three extended Clips which hold 18 darts each, offering the highest Clip capacity from NERF yet. The NERF N-STRIKE ECS blaster is one of the most awesome and exciting N-STRIKE developments released in over 40 years of NERF brand history. Includes 60 Clip System darts. Requires six ā€œDā€ batteries; not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and beginning 9.9.10.”

4 thoughts on “Nerf 9/9/10 Blaster Revealed…the Stampede ECS!”

  1. I gathered by some of the pictures I could see the name “stampede” on it. So is this called the Stampede, or is the Nerf spartan the same gun based on the Nintendo Wii game?

    If that is the case, what is the reason they changed the appearance of the gun from the video game??

  2. Hey Rick_Randy,

    This gun is called the Stampede ECS, but is based off of the Spartan NCS-12 from the Nerf Wii game.
    There will not be a gun called the Spartan (yet, anyway) with the same specs, as the Stampede is basically the Spartan with a different name.

    Hope this helps,

    Joshua Frenn

  3. Hey amber o’ neil,

    If you prefer the Vulcan the the Stampede, that’s fine. Everyone has their own preferences, and if that’s yours, cool!


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