Nerf 2011 Update: Nerf “Gear Up” series, Dart Tag Sharpshot, and Dart Tag jerseys!

Awhile back, we found some info on three 2011 Nerf guns, the Quick 16, Speedload 6 and Swarmfire. Now, though, we have some info on a ton more awesome 2011 releases. Check ’em out.

Nerf “Gear Up” Series

The Nerf “Gear Up” series is similar to the clear series, as Gear Up is preparing for a new release known as the Vortex collection. Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t think anyone knows. Anyway, Gear Up looks extremely cool, as you can see from these pictures:

So we’ve got the Recon, Raider, Maverick, and the recently released Barricade RV-10 as part of the Gear Up series. They’ve all got this “Caution Stripe” pattern that looks especially cool on the Barricade and Raider. Also, you can see that the Maverick comes with darts sporting the same striped pattern as the guns, which probably means that all the other guns come with them as well.

Nerf Dart Tag Sharpshot & Jerseys

The Sharpshot is another 2011 Dart Tag gun with the same general style and look of the Nerf Swarmfire but as a pistol. it actually looks like the Dart Tag equivalent of the N-Strike Scout IX-3, with a slide on top to prime and a front-loading system like any of the “-EX” guns. it holds four darts, one in the barrel and three below it for future use.

You also may have noticed the T-Shirts beside the Sharpshot in the picture (See below). The Sharpshot is supposed to come packaged with the new version of the Dart Tag vests; these are the Nerf Dart Tag Jerseys, much more flexible and cool-looking than the vests. Here’s a closer-up picture:

You’ll notice that in the front’s lower right corner it says “NDTL”, which is the abbreviation  for Nerf Dart Tag League. Obviously, if there was ever any doubt before, Nerf wants to use these in replacement for the current vests. The pads that the Velcro Darts will stick to are segmented on the front, which I think is a good call for flexibility, and on the back is a bigger, one-piece pad. Overall, I think that the jerseys are a great move for Nerf, and it may just be an excuse for me to buy a couple.

Well, this is pretty much all of the new info on 2011 Nerf guns, but there’s bound to be more later on and when there is we’ll be posting again with another Nerf 2011 Update.


(Oh yeah, sorry about the Sharpshot/Jersey pictures being on the bottom, I don’t know why it does that.)

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