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MadParadox here, as you may have heard from Frenn I’m the new editor for N.G.R. and I’m here to do one thing- mods. Thats why this page is named after me (sort of). I’ll be showing you some of my sweet mods and some of other people’s that I think are cool. If you have any question, feel free to ask and I’ll help if i can.


Air Restrictor Removal

How To: Ok this is THE most common mod out there. Its not a hard one if you know what your doing but if you don’t it can be tricky.

So when you open up your gun ignore all the other stuff and pull this thing out. This is the Air Restrictor, for this next part your going to need a drill of some kind and a 1/3″ drill bit. Now take the Air Restrictor and you’re just going to drill strait down into it. When your done you should be able to see strait through the Air Restrictor to the other side. Its a little different doing this with a Maverick, instead of using a drill you have to take out the cylinder and take it apart. You pretty much take every thing in thing that the darts go into, the springs, the stick things, the rings. If you have any problems with this mod let me know, send me some picture and I’ll see what








Name: Deploy CS-6

Mods: No Stock, Air Restricter Removed

How To: Its pretty easy to do for anyone with some of moding experience. All you have to do is take out the two screws that hold the back piece in place then, on the bottom slide take a dremel tool or knife and widen one end. Slide the back-piece forward and pull up. That should do it. If you ever want to put it back, just go through these steps backwards!

Comment: I did this mod just cuz I found that the Deploy stock got in the way a lot. Now its one of my favorites and shoot really good!

Name: Recon CS-6

Mods: Air Restricter Removed, Urban Digital Camo Paint Job, Submachine Gun Barrel

How To: The Submachine Gun Barrel mod is very strait forward, but its a little time consuming if you don’t have the right tools. First take it apart and pull the tube. Now I used my dremel but i think that a hack saw would be better. So about 3″ from where the tip of the barrel would be cut all the way through. Next cut right at the bottom edge of the front sight. Ok, now all the cuttings done so even it all out, slide the tube back in and put the front sight piece back over it. You can glue it if you want but you don’t have to.

Name: Longstrike CS-6

Mods: Detachable Stock, Stock Attachment, Grey and Black Paint Job, Air Restricter Removed.

How To: Ok, first thing first- opening it. The best way to do this is to mod it before you put the cocking mechanism through the gun, but it your like me then you didn’t and are now stuck with the thing in there. So to get it out is almost impossible to do with out braking it. What your going to do is take a flat head screw-driver and pry it open. After you do this open one end up and glue any thing that broke.

Now that its open take out the orange clips that are next to the stock, that will let you take the stock out when ever you want to.

The next part takes a Recon or something with a stock attachment and the Detachable Stock mod. Take the stock attachment piece off the gun and start carving out a small channel just above the other stock (this is the place where you’re going to put the bottom of the stock attachment).  Now you’re going to want to grab a spacer of some kind. I used a 1/2 cm piece of modeling wood. Glue this right below the rear sight. Now glue the stock attachment with the bottom in the groove you carved. Let it set for three hour if you used crazy glue and this mods done.

Painting this gun was similar to painting the Recon (Because you have subscribed and watched the video right?!??!) except with this one I followed the line and groove of the gun.

Comment: I never let anyone use this gun because I but a lot of work into it and it not the most durable.

(My Longstrike with Raider stock)



Name: Maverick Rev-6

Mods: Air Restricter Removed, Desert Digital Camo Paint Job

How To: The camo job is just like the Recon except the colors are changed.

Comment: I love the Maverick. It can fire any kind of dart and can compete with most of the other guns. Give it a sweet camo job, take out the restricters and you’ve got a sick awesome gun.


36 thoughts on “Mad’s Mods”

  1. well you can ask anything about moding although I may not be able to give you an answer. Also if you ever want a second opinion on a nerf gun I can give that to!

  2. Uuhm why did you remove the air restrictor when you mod the longstrike? Can it be return back when you mod the longstrike

  3. hey there mad paradox i wanna change the color only of my longstrike does i need to do what you did if i wanna change its color ??

  4. You don’t need to do the AR mod or the stock mods. If you just want to change the color then you don’t really even take it apart, simply tape all the places you want to stay the same color and paint away!

  5. I removed the AR because i wanted it to shoot farther :) and as to returning the gun I don’t know. The only reason i would return it was if it was broken and if it happened to be moded then i don’t think they mind.

  6. thanks… i have seen a website that when he remove the AR he put anti slip pads or somethin? did you do the same?

  7. hey,i know this is a stupid question but i was wondering how do you do mods? Lol im so stupid.

  8. Hey question about springs, I recently modded my Longstrike with the basic AR/string stretch mods for more distance, but I think I’ve over stretched the spring, because now it makes a sickening crack whenever I fire the gun, and I feel like it’s really messing up the interior of the gun. Is there a way for me to un-stretch the spring a little? Also, last time I tried to get the charging handle off the guns I ended u really scratching the area around it, any tricks for a peaceful way of getting that thing off? (I’ve been using the method of working a flathead under one of the handles and using it as a lever to force it off the peg)

  9. Ok, to start i think your gun should be good. This is just me but I don’t worry about that stuff unless A) The dart don’t shoot well. or B) The gun doesn’t work. (Most of my gun make sickening cracks too :) As to getting the charging handle I have yet to see a clean way of doing it. I might be able to help more if you send me some pictures of the gun.

  10. hmmm i read last month in internet that when you remove AR you should put anti slip pads so it will not make crack sound

  11. I don’t know what the website is either, but I do remember recently coming across some advice similar to that. I’ve heard that lining the plunger with shreds of the foam section of darts can soften the impact of the plunger enough to decrease the sound it makes.

  12. hey there mad paradox do you also know how to fix broken nerf guns ? :) ( just wanna ask so incase ive broken my nerf gun someone can teach me how to fix it )

  13. i was muzzle loading, and then when i put my recon barrel back on, it wouldn’t shoot. i took apart the gun and di every thing i could to try to fix it. plz help

  14. ooh i don’t know. muzzle loading is always a risky business, but it sound like you’ve go a dart stuck somewhere in the barrel of the gun it self. could you send me some picture of it?

  15. Those mod a cool try puting a silencer like tube on the long strike and then mod the scope to make it look like a sniper rifle

  16. Grad something look and poke it out, if its in the barrel. Anywhere else I’d need to see a picture of it.

  17. is it possible to mod the Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break by removing its air restricter? and are there any other mods for this gun ^?

  18. D: I don’t know, that could be tricky. I’m pretty sure you could get it off the same way as the Longstrike but it could wreck it.

  19. good day mate ,lol
    yes im from australia
    i have done some mod to our guns and just like to know if they sell the carriage for the recon or will i have to mod the broken one ,and all so like to know what your feeling on the NERF VORTEX models i feel they wont be as good as the CS ones

  20. modded my recon (AR removed) but 1 problom. i had to break the ar to take it out >_< is there AR's for sale online or what?

    reply please

  21. I like the mods. What I would like to see is maybe a series of videos showing exactly how to do a mod. Is there anything like that coming along?

  22. Hey Nerf Gun Nerd,

    We’ll see, “Mad” is pretty busy right now, so it might not be for a while, but I’ll see what I can do!


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