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Nerf Vortex Series- MAJOR Update!

For a while now, there have been whispers of a new Nerf series/product line known only as Vortex. Yesterday though, Nerf announced that in three days, April 11, they will reveal Nerf Vortex. Check out the update straight from Nerf’s Facebook page:

“Listen up, Nerf Nation, we know you’re anxious to find out everything you can about the new Nerf Vortex. 9.10.11 is just too far away, and we don’t want to keep you waiting.

Here’s the deal. On Monday April 11th we will reveal information, photos and a video of the entire all-new Nerf Vortex line – exclusive to fans of the Official Nerf Facebook page. Think of it as a huge “THANK YOU” to each and every member of Nerf Nation. RSVP now to get all the latest updates, and be sure to tell all your friends to “Like” the page so they don’t miss out!

Once you see what we have up our sleeves, you’ll be counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds til you can Gear Up for 9.10.11. The latest in Nerf evolution has arrived.”

Nerf 2011 Update: Nerf “Gear Up” series, Dart Tag Sharpshot, and Dart Tag jerseys!

Awhile back, we found some info on three 2011 Nerf guns, the Quick 16, Speedload 6 and Swarmfire. Now, though, we have some info on a ton more awesome 2011 releases. Check ’em out.

Nerf “Gear Up” Series

The Nerf “Gear Up” series is similar to the clear series, as Gear Up is preparing for a new release known as the Vortex collection. Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t think anyone knows. Anyway, Gear Up looks extremely cool, as you can see from these pictures:

So we’ve got the Recon, Raider, Maverick, and the recently released Barricade RV-10 as part of the Gear Up series. They’ve all got this “Caution Stripe” pattern that looks especially cool on the Barricade and Raider. Also, you can see that the Maverick comes with darts sporting the same striped pattern as the guns, which probably means that all the other guns come with them as well.

Nerf Dart Tag Sharpshot & Jerseys

The Sharpshot is another 2011 Dart Tag gun with the same general style and look of the Nerf Swarmfire but as a pistol. it actually looks like the Dart Tag equivalent of the N-Strike Scout IX-3, with a slide on top to prime and a front-loading system like any of the “-EX” guns. it holds four darts, one in the barrel and three below it for future use.

You also may have noticed the T-Shirts beside the Sharpshot in the picture (See below). The Sharpshot is supposed to come packaged with the new version of the Dart Tag vests; these are the Nerf Dart Tag Jerseys, much more flexible and cool-looking than the vests. Here’s a closer-up picture:

You’ll notice that in the front’s lower right corner it says “NDTL”, which is the abbreviation  for Nerf Dart Tag League. Obviously, if there was ever any doubt before, Nerf wants to use these in replacement for the current vests. The pads that the Velcro Darts will stick to are segmented on the front, which I think is a good call for flexibility, and on the back is a bigger, one-piece pad. Overall, I think that the jerseys are a great move for Nerf, and it may just be an excuse for me to buy a couple.

Well, this is pretty much all of the new info on 2011 Nerf guns, but there’s bound to be more later on and when there is we’ll be posting again with another Nerf 2011 Update.


(Oh yeah, sorry about the Sharpshot/Jersey pictures being on the bottom, I don’t know why it does that.)

Nerf Clip System Dual-Drum mag – ON A STAMPEDE.

Yeah, you got that right- A Stampede with what looks a dual drum clip on the bottom. We can’t really tell where this came from or whether or not it’s just a concept or an actual thing that Nerf’s developing; only time can tell. Anyways, this looked really cool so we thought we’d share it with you guys.

If you thought a Stampede with a Raider’s 35-Dart drum was the best you could get, think again. If the picture to your left is any indicator, those who use that ultimate heavy duty combo of full-auto and ammo capacity may have to soon eat their words (or darts, whichever the situation requires). You can see on the “box art” that this supposed package comes with 50 darts, likely meaning that the drum is not in fact two 35-dart drums combined, but a whole different ammo-storing system. Whatever the case, 50 darts should be sufficient to sweep an enemy bunker a couple times, leaving nothing inside to possibly oppose you.

And I also want to put one in my Deploy.


Barricade RV-10 Update

Hey everyone,

We’ve just gotten an update to the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10. We have some new pictures, a price, and a release date. Here are the pictures:

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Same gun, different angle.

This one shows proof that it uses two things: Sonic Micro darts and Batteries. Luckily, only 3 AAs.

Also, both new pictures confirm the fact that you can attach other N-Strike stocks to the Barricade.

And now, the release date and price; Nerf will (supposedly) release the Barricade RV-10 in November 2010* for $15.99 (not including AA batteries, of course).

All in all, these progressions have me excited for the Barricade RV-10…again.

Joshua Frenn

(*Some sources suggest the date November 15, 2010, but this may not be accurate)

Nerf 9/9/10 Blaster Revealed…the Stampede ECS!

Hey Everyone,

We have just received a MAJOR update on the 9/9/10 Nerf blaster! We have a picture, and official specs on this incredible new blaster! So, without further ado, the NERF Stampede ECS!

The Stampede ECS will, first of all, will be the first fully automatic Clip-System NERF gun. It will come with three (yes, three!) 18-shot extended Clip-System clips, and one regular 6-shot clip. To satisfy this incredible demand for darts, the Stampede will be packaged with 60 Clip-System darts. As for attachments, the ECS will come with a Tactical Rail Bi-pod that can be compacted into a front handle, and a removable shield that can go onto the front of the gun. However, this gun will require 6 “D” batteries to fire, and is estimated to carry a $50 price tag. is it worth it? I think so. The NERF Stampede ECS will be available on September 9th, 2010. (Hence, the 9/9/10 gun!)

Don’t believe your eyes (or ears)? Then read this official NERF announcement, straight from NERF’s Facebook page.

“The first fully automatic NERF Clip System blaster to date, the N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS blaster features a new pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle, and a removable shield allowing players to transition to Attack Mode. The NERF N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS blaster also comes complete with one six dart Clip and three extended Clips which hold 18 darts each, offering the highest Clip capacity from NERF yet. The NERF N-STRIKE ECS blaster is one of the most awesome and exciting N-STRIKE developments released in over 40 years of NERF brand history. Includes 60 Clip System darts. Requires six “D” batteries; not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and beginning 9.9.10.”

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10- Preview!

Hey everyone,

We have just been informed of a new Nerf gun coming out, oddly lacking concrete information. However, we do have a picture, and some possible specs; Introducing the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10!

The Barricade, first of all, will supposedly be Semi-Automatic. It holds 10 Sonic Micro Darts in the chamber, which will automatically rotate and load after each shot, then fire the dart at a trigger pull. Also, has a Tactical Rail and possibly a way to attach a stock.

It is not fully known when the Barricade will be released, but when it is, I will be excited.

Joshua Frenn

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Nerf- Late 2010 lineup

Hey everyone,

You must admit- it was awesome to see the Longstrike CS-6 and the Deploy CS-6 released earlier in the spring. It was exciting to see two new Nerf guns added to the armory. Of course, we all know that the 9/9/10 blaster will be released in September, but what about summer? Well, we have your answer- all you have to do is read on.


First up- Nerf is releasing a series of new clear blasters, including clear versions of the Recon CS-6, Raider CS-35, Deploy CS-6, Nite Finder EX-3, and re-releasing the clear Maverick REV-6. Here are some images of the blasters:

However, these blasters will be available for a limited time only, so they will quickly become extremely rare! It has also been confirmed that these blasters will be released “to lead up to” the 9/9/10 gun.


As well as the Clear Series, three other, completely new Nerf guns will be released sometime during the summer. The Barrel Break IX-2, the Spectre REV-5, and the Alpha Trooper CS-18.

Barrel Break IX-2

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a double barrel gun, which will fire two shots simultaneously. It will use Sonic Micro darts, and also comes with a special Tactical Rail accessory that can hold up to 8 extra darts. The Barrel Break will be available in August, exclusively to Toys ‘R’ Us.

Spectre REV-5

The Spectre REV-5 will be the first revolver blaster in a long time, and will probably be the coolest. It comes with two accesories: A folding stock (not retractable, folding) and a silencer-like barrel attachment. It, like the Barrel Break, will use Sonic Micro darts. It will be available sometime in October, possibly as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

Alpha Trooper CS-18

The Alpha Trooper CS-18 is, as you might expect, a Clip-System gun. But instead of using the normal 6-shot clip, it utilizes an all-new 18-shot drum mag. It also has a pump grip, a tactical rail, and although it doesn’t come with an actual stock, it has a stock attachment. From the picture, we can see that it does not have a way to attach barrels. We know this gun is coming, but the date is unknown. It will be a Target exclusive gun.


All of these guns have been confirmed, and will come out. However, their specs may not stay the same. They may be subject to change, so we’ll try to keep you posted on the latest updates for these guns.

This is Joshua Frenn, signing off.


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