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Nerf Clip System Dual-Drum mag – ON A STAMPEDE.

Yeah, you got that right- A Stampede with what looks a dual drum clip on the bottom. We can’t really tell where this came from or whether or not it’s just a concept or an actual thing that Nerf’s developing; only time can tell. Anyways, this looked really cool so we thought we’d share it with you guys.

If you thought a Stampede with a Raider’s 35-Dart drum was the best you could get, think again. If the picture to your left is any indicator, those who use that ultimate¬†heavy duty combo of full-auto and ammo¬†capacity may have to soon eat their words (or darts, whichever the situation requires). You can see on the “box art” that this supposed package comes with 50 darts, likely meaning that the drum is not in fact two 35-dart drums combined, but a whole different ammo-storing system. Whatever the case, 50 darts should be sufficient to sweep an enemy bunker a couple times, leaving nothing inside to possibly oppose you.

And I also want to put one in my Deploy.