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Say Hello!

Hey everybody,

I’d like to introduce one of the N.G.R. team’s best members; say hello to Mike “Mad Paradox” Ekirts, our Mod Expert. Expect some all-new, awesome mods posted over the next week or so by him, and be ready to be amazed!


Welcome To Nerf Gun Reviews: Your #1 resource for Dart Gun Reviews

Hello, and welcome to Nerf Gun Reviews! N.G.R. is your #1 resource for reviews on ALL the hottest dart guns.

We do reviews that are fun, in-depth, and right from the perspective of a 13-year-old who likes to pepper people with foam!

My name is Joshua Frenn and I’ll be the one reviewing all of our guns in the future. I’m 13, and I love having dart gun wars with my friends (especially the part where I get to unload a whole Nerf clip on them.)

I also like to make movies, so I can guarantee you that our video reviews will be top-quality.

Whenever I read (or watch) dart gun reviews, I always like to see two things:

1) The pros and cons of the shown gun,

2) and which types of operations the gun is good for.

These are things that our reviews will cover, completely.

I never like it when someone gets their hands on a hot new dart gun,
then blows it by making the video terrible and not including the stuff people want to see!

You won’t see this anywhere on our site. We’ll cover everything good about the gun, and everything bad about the gun,

So please note: We will not lie! Our reviews will be absolutely honest.

If the gun’s bad, then we say it’s bad. If it’s good, we say it’s good!

Also, you can sign up for the N.G.R. Red Alert Clearance membership.
We’ll keep you updated on our new reviews on the latest guns and where to get them, so you can get what you need faster!

All you need to do is sign up to the Red Alert email contact list,
and get ready for the #1 Nerf gun video reviews to be sent to you as soon as they’re uploaded!

There’s no easier way to get reviews on the newest dart guns, FREE!