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Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Mod

Name: Recon CS-6

Mods: Air Restricter Removed, Urban Digital Camo Paint Job, Submachine Gun Barrel

How To: The Submachine Gun Barrel mod is very strait forward, but its a little time consuming if you don’t have the right tools. First take it apart and pull the tube. Now I used my dremel but i think that a hack saw would be better. So about 3″ from where the tip of the barrel would be cut all the way through. Next cut right at the bottom edge of the front sight. Ok, now all the cuttings done so even it all out, slide the tube back in and put the front sight piece back over it. You can glue it if you want but you don’t have to.

Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Mod

Name: Longstrike CS-6

Mods: Detachable Stock, Stock Attachment, Grey and Black Paint Job, Air Restricter Removed.

How To: Ok, first thing first- opening it. The best way to do this is to mod it before you put the cocking mechanism through the gun, but it your like me then you didn’t and are now stuck with the thing in there. So to get it out is almost impossible to do with out braking it. What your going to do is take a flat head screw-driver and pry it open. After you do this open one end up and glue any thing that broke.

Now that its open take out the orange clips that are next to the stock, that will let you take the stock out when ever you want to.

The next part takes a Recon or something with a stock attachment and the Detachable Stock mod. Take the stock attachment piece off the gun and start carving out a small channel just above the other stock (this is the place where you’re going to put the bottom of the stock attachment).  Now you’re going to want to grab a spacer of some kind. I used a 1/2 cm piece of modeling wood. Glue this right below the rear sight. Now glue the stock attachment with the bottom in the groove you carved. Let it set for three hour if you used crazy glue and this mods done.

Painting this gun was similar to painting the Recon (Because you have subscribed and watched the video right?!??!) except with this one I followed the line and groove of the gun.

Comment: I never let anyone use this gun because I but a lot of work into it and it not the most durable.

(My Longstrike with Raider stock)




Nerf Gun Air Restrictor Removal Mod

Air Restrictor Removal

How To: Ok this is THE most common mod out there. Its not a hard one if you know what your doing but if you don’t it can be tricky.

So when you open up your gun ignore all the other stuff and pull this thing out. This is the Air Restrictor, for this next part your going to need a drill of some kind and a 1/3″ drill bit. Now take the Air Restrictor and you’re just going to drill strait down into it. When your done you should be able to see strait through the Air Restrictor to the other side. Its a little different doing this with a Maverick, instead of using a drill you have to take out the cylinder and take it apart. You pretty much take every thing in thing that the darts go into, the springs, the stick things, the rings. If you have any problems with this mod let me know, send me some picture and I’ll see what








Say Hello!

Hey everybody,

I’d like to introduce one of the N.G.R. team’s best members; say hello to Mike “Mad Paradox” Ekirts, our Mod Expert. Expect some all-new, awesome mods posted over the next week or so by him, and be ready to be amazed!


Nerf Vortex Series- MAJOR Update!

For a while now, there have been whispers of a new Nerf series/product line known only as Vortex. Yesterday though, Nerf announced that in three days, April 11, they will reveal Nerf Vortex. Check out the update straight from Nerf’s Facebook page:

“Listen up, Nerf Nation, we know you’re anxious to find out everything you can about the new Nerf Vortex. 9.10.11 is just too far away, and we don’t want to keep you waiting.

Here’s the deal. On Monday April 11th we will reveal information, photos and a video of the entire all-new Nerf Vortex line – exclusive to fans of the Official Nerf Facebook page. Think of it as a huge “THANK YOU” to each and every member of Nerf Nation. RSVP now to get all the latest updates, and be sure to tell all your friends to “Like” the page so they don’t miss out!

Once you see what we have up our sleeves, you’ll be counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds til you can Gear Up for 9.10.11. The latest in Nerf evolution has arrived.”

Nerf 2011 Update: Nerf “Gear Up” series, Dart Tag Sharpshot, and Dart Tag jerseys!

Awhile back, we found some info on three 2011 Nerf guns, the Quick 16, Speedload 6 and Swarmfire. Now, though, we have some info on a ton more awesome 2011 releases. Check ’em out.

Nerf “Gear Up” Series

The Nerf “Gear Up” series is similar to the clear series, as Gear Up is preparing for a new release known as the Vortex collection. Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t think anyone knows. Anyway, Gear Up looks extremely cool, as you can see from these pictures:

So we’ve got the Recon, Raider, Maverick, and the recently released Barricade RV-10 as part of the Gear Up series. They’ve all got this “Caution Stripe” pattern that looks especially cool on the Barricade and Raider. Also, you can see that the Maverick comes with darts sporting the same striped pattern as the guns, which probably means that all the other guns come with them as well.

Nerf Dart Tag Sharpshot & Jerseys

The Sharpshot is another 2011 Dart Tag gun with the same general style and look of the Nerf Swarmfire but as a pistol. it actually looks like the Dart Tag equivalent of the N-Strike Scout IX-3, with a slide on top to prime and a front-loading system like any of the “-EX” guns. it holds four darts, one in the barrel and three below it for future use.

You also may have noticed the T-Shirts beside the Sharpshot in the picture (See below). The Sharpshot is supposed to come packaged with the new version of the Dart Tag vests; these are the Nerf Dart Tag Jerseys, much more flexible and cool-looking than the vests. Here’s a closer-up picture:

You’ll notice that in the front’s lower right corner it says “NDTL”, which is the abbreviation  for Nerf Dart Tag League. Obviously, if there was ever any doubt before, Nerf wants to use these in replacement for the current vests. The pads that the Velcro Darts will stick to are segmented on the front, which I think is a good call for flexibility, and on the back is a bigger, one-piece pad. Overall, I think that the jerseys are a great move for Nerf, and it may just be an excuse for me to buy a couple.

Well, this is pretty much all of the new info on 2011 Nerf guns, but there’s bound to be more later on and when there is we’ll be posting again with another Nerf 2011 Update.


(Oh yeah, sorry about the Sharpshot/Jersey pictures being on the bottom, I don’t know why it does that.)

Nerf Clip System Dual-Drum mag – ON A STAMPEDE.

Yeah, you got that right- A Stampede with what looks a dual drum clip on the bottom. We can’t really tell where this came from or whether or not it’s just a concept or an actual thing that Nerf’s developing; only time can tell. Anyways, this looked really cool so we thought we’d share it with you guys.

If you thought a Stampede with a Raider’s 35-Dart drum was the best you could get, think again. If the picture to your left is any indicator, those who use that ultimate heavy duty combo of full-auto and ammo capacity may have to soon eat their words (or darts, whichever the situation requires). You can see on the “box art” that this supposed package comes with 50 darts, likely meaning that the drum is not in fact two 35-dart drums combined, but a whole different ammo-storing system. Whatever the case, 50 darts should be sufficient to sweep an enemy bunker a couple times, leaving nothing inside to possibly oppose you.

And I also want to put one in my Deploy.