Nerf Gun Air Restrictor Removal Mod

Air Restrictor Removal

How To: Ok this is THE most common mod out there. Its not a hard one if you know what your doing but if you don’t it can be tricky.

So when you open up your gun ignore all the other stuff and pull this thing out. This is the Air Restrictor, for this next part your going to need a drill of some kind and a 1/3″ drill bit. Now take the Air Restrictor and you’re just going to drill strait down into it. When your done you should be able to see strait through the Air Restrictor to the other side. Its a little different doing this with a Maverick, instead of using a drill you have to take out the cylinder and take it apart. You pretty much take every thing in thing that the darts go into, the springs, the stick things, the rings. If you have any problems with this mod let me know, send me some picture and I’ll see what








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